What is Over-clocking a Processor?

What is Over-clocking a Processor?

Q : What is over clocking?

Overclocking is when you make your system processor run faster that its normal
speed. This has many advantages and dis-advantages.

Advantages : This is obvious, your system will run faster

Dis-Advantages : Your hardware is likely to have a less life span. Your
components will run at higher temperatures and there is an increased chance your
system will overheat and crash. You need to be very careful or you could blow up
your processor and / or motherboard.

Q: What components do I need?

You need to buy a special motherboard. Most motherboards will automatically
detect your processor make and speed and you can not make any configuration
changes. When buying a motherboard you need to make sure that you can change the
processors bus speed. You will also need to buy some extra fans for your
computer as it will be working harder and as a result everything will run at a
higher temperature. It might also be worth looking for a case that can hold lots
of case fans.

Q: How do I overclock a processor?

What you need to do is over clock the processors bus speed. You will need to
check the manual that came with your motherboard on how to do this. I would
recommend that you start by only overclocking a little bit before you try to get
the most out of your processor.

Q: Tips for Over clocking?

Start by overclocking only by a small amount. If you overclock your processor to
much your system will not come on and there is a chance that you could damage
the processor and motherboard. If you do overclock your processor to much and
the computer does not come on you can reset your motherboards configuration by
removing the power at the back of your PC and also removing the battery on the
motherboard for a few minutes.

– Monitor the temperature of your processor. You can sometimes check this by
going into your computer BIOS as it will be displayed in there. If it is not in
there, there are freeware programs that you can download, Try searching

– Make sure you have a descent processor fan. Always buy a fan that supports
much faster processors as this will cool your processor much better. Buy and fit
as many case fans as you can.

– Before overclocking your processor do some research by searching the internet
for stories of what other people have done. This way you will know how much you
can realistically overclock.

Good luck, and remember post your stories and experiences of overclocking in our