The Best Internet TV Services

As the economy tightens and the price of cable rises, more people are switching to the internet for their television service. However, if you don’t know where to look, it can be difficult to find the best internet TV services. If you’re not careful, you can end up paying for poor service, downloading television episodes infested with viruses, or simply unable to find the shows that you really want to watch. This article will offer four of the best ways to find inexpensive paid Internet television.


Hulu offers both a free and a paid option for internet TV. The free option provides users with some television shows and limited access to online archives, and has quite a few advertisements. The paid option is under $10 per month, and provides subscribers with access to full online archives, more shows, and limited advertising. The site runs a few days behind network television, but is still a good way to keep up with current television shows that you may be interested in for a fraction of regular cable costs.


Netflix offers options for both DVD delivery and online streaming of both movies and television shows. The episodes and movies available are constantly growing and updated monthly, often the second week of the month. Membership rates vary depending on the services you need, but unlimited streaming is under $15 per month. DVD delivery rates are additional, and depend on the number of DVDs members want out at a time. Many television series are available in their entirety, while others only have older seasons available.


Amazon has recently added unlimited streaming of a large portion of their video library for Amazon prime subscribers. Amazon prime is around $80 per year, and includes free two day shipping on many Amazon purchases. Now, the subscription also includes streaming television and video access via the internet. Many of the offerings available overlap with those found on Hulu and Netflix, so those who are interested may want to try the free trial before purchasing a full membership.

TV Networks

Individual TV networks also offer online streaming of popular shows to paid members. For example, if you have a subscription to HBO, you can watch HBO television shows online on your computer. This does not allow you to cancel your cable subscription, but it may allow you to catch up on your favorite shows while you’re away from home if you have internet access.

If you’re interested in cutting your cable subscription, or simply tired of the large amounts of advertising frequently seen on network television, switching to internet TV may be a good option for your family. When you use the internet for your television service, you can limit the amount of money you spend on entertainment, you can limit your family’s exposure to commercials, and you have the advantage of always being able to watch your favorite shows from the beginning with the episodes in order. In addition, you can pause them whenever you like without having to worry about missing a critical moment of your favorite show. The internet has truly modernized television as we know it, providing an on-demand viewing experience that is unparalleled.