Rattan Furniture Will Substitute Wood Furniture

Rattan Furniture Will Substitute Wood Furniture

Rattan technology became an industry since evening of last century, and developed fast in occident. It upsets conventional furnishings and other material technologic products. It is a main artery product of Hesperian market. In earlier 21st, the tide is beginning to sweep China, look through the lots of furnishings markets, rattan product is holding more and more domain with bit by bit. It is showing its strong market energy, it already expands roundly. The eight reasons explain key secret.

1. Nature and Health

Well-known, conventional furniture made of wood. In several thousand years of developing history of furniture, wood furniture already holds special cultural value. However, the modern industry revolution had changed the condition, people want to debase cost, shorten technical cycle, use complex board largely, the board has many deleterious additive components with body. Purportedly, wooden furniture has element to disease, such as benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and so on, they need long time to volatilize, maybe several months, several years, or over ten years. If you buy a unit of wooden furniture in house, it would like set a small exhaust emission stage. So, it’s a fearful problem that hold injurant for modern house article. Rattan product has some big advantages which green, nature, health, handwork. That is why it popular for people.

2. Simple and unsophisticated

Advocate nature not only healthy need, but also a pursuance of aesthetic culture. Science is a two-edged glaive. New technology brings new problem, after the enthusiasm of industrial revolution, people enter reflection again about consumptive need. New material and new technics only give people brief and superficial vogue, it is for long just original and unvarnished modality.

People love the rattan craftwork as if like eat native-born chook. The value isn’t be substituted with new material and new technics.

3. Revolution of consumptive conception

The conception is mutative that people’s consumptive. In research, the consciousness is leaded by fashionable thought: classical or modern, western or national, vitreous and steel, red wooden. In a not open report of authoritative institution, at the pop trend, it is several times than other products that ascending speed of rattan product. It will be the consumptive thought of future house product.

4. Only handwork

Most advanced machine doesn’t substitute handmade. This law cannot overthrow. It has disadvantage by been copied that industrialized and pipelining product. But handmade is never, this is its value. A handmade Cuba cigar is machine-made several tens times. A handmade Benz car, only world grade magnate can get it. A unit of handmade business suit of Pierre Cardin needs air-press from Paris. The product is best expensive by handmade. Pure handwork is value, the rattan product is worthy yet by pure handmade.

5. Scarce wood

Forest resource is less and less. Rattan product has quiet great developing at the situation. In future of house product industry, woodwork will be got more restrained, rattan product will be got more opened. This is a basic trend. Who attach importance to rattan craftwork, who inhabit the predominance.

6. Cost and profit

Out of question, furniture, craftwork, and commodity of other materials, their yielding costs are all higher. These costs include a series of machines, spoilage of machine, a long product line, and so on. But rattan craftwork is flat reverse.

7. Big consumptive market

In our country, the industry is a few which empolder rattan technics product. The energy never be activated that rattan craftwork market. But it is big demand of market in latent. Experts analyzing, in the several years of future, rattan craftwork will hold 1/3 part of market with woodwork, metalwork, and other material products. Until it replace wood to become main industry for structure huge consumptive market about 50 billion yuan.

8. No competitive menace

Accordingly, rattan craftwork has a big underdeveloped market and a huge developing potential. Some factories of rattan craftwork, they have some disadvantages about technology, nameplate, and experience. They don’t have enough competence to intervene in the industry. So, if you deal with the rattan craftwork management, you would have many advantages. It seems warring a business war of no competitor. You get the win easily.