LG 42LV4400 – 42 Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV Review

LG 42LV4400 – 42 Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV Review

LG 42LV4400 is a landmark in television technology, with superior picture quality. The television plays images in 1080p resolution which makes for fantastic viewing. Let us look at each of the aspects of the television and find out why this should be on the foremost of your decision making process when you set to buy an HDTV

Picture clarity – As mentioned before, the 1080p resolution is reason enough to have jaw dropping picture quality. However, it also depends on some channels which offer scope for 1080p like the quality satellite channels, CNN, NBC, ABC etc. Others may not offer the 1080p quality but still LG 42LV4400 does a great job in providing picture quality which is better than other channels.

People who have bought the 42 inch LG 42LV4400 vouch for the amazing quality while watching DVDs. The quality is blu-ray like, provided you are watching original DVDs and you also have options to choose from which can enhance or customize the picture clarity.

On the television, you can see certain preset settings like Standard, Game, Sport, Cinema and Vivid apart from the usual settings like brightness, contrast and sharpness. You can also customize the ratio (4:3, 46:9, cinema, zoom, etc) with the options given in the menu.

LG LG 42LV4400 better than an HDTV – Compared to a standard HDTV, you will get better quality and resolution. The technology in place is TruMotion 120Hz which lets you watch high speed action, sports and thrilling effects without any blur.

Design – The hardware of the television is attractive; it is a light-weight television, slim looking and designed quite stylishly. It has a rectangular stand which can also save space. There are three HDMI inputs and a USB port. There is a cable or antenna input at the bottom, DVI and audio ports for connecting the computer, there are video inputs for audio and video and also another optical digital output. The screen also has a matte finishing which reduces chances of blurring.

What is included – You get the owner’s manual, the remote control with two AA batteries, a power cable, a cleaning cloth, one safety screw, CD and a stand with screws. The stand can permit the TV to swivel up to 20 degrees.

LG 42LV4400 is not a smart TV – It has never claimed to be one as well, so one should not expect functionalities that are not meant to be. You will not get online interactive media, digital streaming content, Web 2.0 features, and the works. But what you get is superior display, accurate colors, fantastic viewing angle and good sound.

Conclusion – One buyer summed up the image quality of this HDTV by saying, “I love the contrast feature of this TV, and the black really looks black and not just a compromising charcoal gray.” The 42LV4400 has features that easily topple a mid-range TV out of competition. Considering it is better than a standard HDTV, you can definitely get value for money. You can also use the TV in your office, like in a place like waiting room, lobby etc. Most other high-end televisions have features that you may not really need. For instance, some people would not really find any value in a 3D feature or can do with 2 HDMI connections, so why pay more? Go for LG 42LV4400 42 Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV and make the most of your viewing pleasure.