Latest App Offerings in the Android Tablet

Latest App Offerings in the Android Tablet

One of the newest advances in the world of technology is the introduction of ‘Tablet’. More and more people are switching to the Tablet owing to the ease and functionality offered by the product for Web experience sourcing and e-reading. Moreover, an array of the finest applications offered in the device has ensured free access to unlimited information to its user.

The USA Today app enables the user to access updated information regarding the latest news stories around the globe, sports scores, weather forecasts, information on financial markets such as stocks, sensex etc. This app not only hosts content for ready reading and updating by users, but also enables the user to download the information for offline reference.

Another informative app available in the device is the CNN app, which offers the latest information in both text and video forms for the user’s reference. Users can comment, share stories and updates using this app. The NY Times application enables users to avail free access to top news stories for a limited period of four weeks.One can also share the information on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. The PULSE News application helps the user to collect content from favorite websites and online sources to transfer them into interactive mosaics and enable sharing of information on social sites. Like ‘USA Today’ app, this application too helps in saving information sources for offline reading. It can also import news feed with aid of an integrated Google reader.

The ‘Read it Later’ app is exclusively dedicated to offer the convenience of bookmarking or DVR to the user for later reference. The Bloomberg app is the most promising app for businessmen, stock traders and financial professionals. This application is committed to provide updated financial data, graphical representations of the same and analytical charts of global markets.

For all the sports enthusiasts, the Sports Illustrated app is a window to sports clips, news photos, updated information on sports events and live feed of tournaments. The News360 app facilitates user to access current news and helps the user to view his account by logging in thorough any device. This app optimizes the honeycomb android. The TIME mobile app hosts worldwide newsfeed and information pertaining to business, arts, Politics, technology, travelling etc. It also allows its user to host a TIME blog, photo galleries, best /worst lists etc. The Financial Times application gives access to FT global news, videos, analysis and comments. Subscribers can avail ten monthly articles from the app while non subscribers have access to three monthly articles.