Industries Where AI Would Be Beneficial

Industries Where AI Would Be Beneficial

Over the last couple of decades, advances in engineering and programming have led to many developments that seem to be popping up at exponential rates. One of these applications and uses is with artificial intelligence which is being used for corporate advances as well as developments in peoples day to day lives privately and professionally. We already see its use today in the form of self-driving cars and for fun like AI programs that are able to beat the Snake Game.

Even in the world of medicine machine learning is being used to identify cancerous cells in tissue samples and to relate patient data to identify possible treatment paths and what specific risks they may be at because of their medical record. Forrest firefighters are also using machine learning to help identify areas that are affected by fires. The world of shopping is another area in which artificial intelligence is used to relate items that are purchased through an account to offer coupon and suggested products to buy. This practice of writing code with the ability to “learn” its way past a problem or through a collection of information is one that can be incorporated into teaching at schools and into other professional and personal practices in the world within the next 5 years.

The idea that there are many ways to go about a problem without all of them being right can be introduced at a young age by showing them that group collaboration is in essence what takes place when a machine “learns”. Each student may have a slightly different way of solving a problem and as they go about finding what does and doesn’t work, they narrow down on one of possibly many solutions. In could even be used to help teacher identify students that may need help in certain classes or over specific topics discussed in class by creating a program that follows students progress through their academic career to see which areas in math or writing they struggle in and find where confusion arose and address it that the student might be in a better position to succeed. In the context of civil engineering, AI can be used to monitor traffic lights to better ease the flow of traffic throughout the day.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to help in road way maintenance. As cities continue to grow and road usage become increasingly more frequent, programs can be written to assess the number of cars that use a certain section of road over the span of some amount of time and determine an optimal time of year to best complete the maintenance needed and how to best redirect the flow of traffic. Even though there is much good that can come from the application of artificial intelligence into our daily lives, there is also destructive uses that can be brought about over the next 5 years if precautions aren’t taken in advance to prevent them.

For example, as today’s culture encourages a more private life, it may be desired for their to be restrictions on what can be used by artificial intelligence algorithms.

It is clear that the incorporation of artificial intelligence into our lives is becoming more prevalent as the years continue to go by. Its application is widely used currently in our personal and professional lives. As time progresses, the use of artificial intelligence will be more common and accepted though care should be taken to prevent its possible invasiveness.