How to Get Prospects for Your Network Marketing

How to Get Prospects for Your Network Marketing

If you are in a network marketing business, you must not only be good at networking, you must teach your downlines to be good at networking as well. Network marketing is all about leading and following and the better you are at leading others, the easier it is for you to turn your business into a cash cow.

One of the biggest struggles for anyone new in network marketing is to find prospects and bring them into the business. If you don’t know how to talk to others, it could be a huge challenge.

As a newbie, one of the first things you must do is make lots and lots of friends. You can do this by attending a lot of motivational seminars and skill training workshops. Even parties are a good place to get new contacts.

Most network marketing newbies tend to make the mistake of jumping the gun. They are so fired up about getting new downlines, that they recruit like a rabid bull dog grabbing every single person they meet including their 70 year old grandmother (forcing her to use the product and introduce her friends). It is a good way to scare others far, far away while getting de-motivated when people reject you.

In any business venture, remember that networking and building relationships is the key – and this applies even more so in a network marketing business.

When you are targeting your prospects, make sure you learn to make friends first. It is much easier to talk to a friend about your business rather than talk to a stranger about it – they don’t trust you and they will see you as a person who is after their money.

You have to relate to them in such a way that their disposition towards you is friendly rather than hostile (this is one of the difficulties of network marketing because people tend to be afraid whether the networker will be trying to recruit them).

You will need to relate to their hot button. A prospect’s hot button is something that turns them on when you talk about it. It could be their dream of buying a new car, owning a mansion, buying a diamond ring for their girlfriend or any other thing… as long as they get excited when they are talking about it, you have found their hot button. Offer the network marketing business as a SOLUTION to their business rather than giving them problems.

If you have downlines under you, you must be a good leader to them and teach them these principles because this is the best way to train them to network their way to wealth. Networking takes time but you will be able to reap its rewards in due time if you are diligent and hardworking. It is, after all, a business dealing with people.

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