Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are individual monitoring devices that enable a person to measure his or her heart. He or she can opt to have this measurement recorded or use it in real time so they can monitor the condition of their heart while doing certain tasks or sports.

During its introduction, a set of heart rate monitor should have a monitoring box with a series of electrode leads. These electrode leads are attached to the chest area. But through the years, innovations and improvements have been made. Now, the recent models usually comprises of two basic element parts, a transmitter strapped to the chest area and of course a receiver. The most common receivers are the wrist receiver which doubles as a watch and the more contemporary, mobile phone receiver. Then again since people want to do more variations manufacturers introduced the belt-free heart rate monitors. Although it is said that they don’t function as well as the original monitor with strap, these strapless heart monitors are still a good purchase. These belt-free heart rate monitors are now being manufactured by several medical equipment companies as well as sports utility brands. To describe a few under this kind of monitor, there are armband monitors, monitors that have electrodes and the transmitter inserted inside a smart fabric ; these fabrics are mostly made into sports bra so the electrodes can still be connected with the chest area. There are hand-held, wall-mounted or even floor-mounted heart monitors while some uses the blue light LED technology which is able to measure the heart rate through a small sensor placed or strapped to a finger. Aside from the innovations in the design, manufacturers also added features like being able to measure the amount of calories burned, the breathing rate and pattern, the speed and distance monitor, etc. Indeed amazing innovations has been made to the heart rate monitors of today.

For those who would want to check out these HRM’s or heart rate monitors, they can choose to shop online or go to the local stores. However, it would be better to pick the first option. Online, you can see reviews and compare products and manufacturers right away. It is also more convenient and less stressful. All you have to do is log on and type in your query; in this case you’re looking for heart rate monitors. After a few seconds you’ll get numerous results. From there you can start refining or narrowing your search. If you already have a specific type, design or brand in mind, you can actually use your preference as keywords so your search is instantly narrowed. The websites will also provide you with all pertinent details, like the price, the reviews and popularity of the product, the company or manufacturer’s information, shipping and handling guidelines and fees. But if you’re the adventurous type, you can scout for the heart rate monitor that you want in the local stores in your area. Either way, what matters most is the functionality of the device that you have bought.