Error 1704 Fix

Error 1704 normally shows when you try and install a new piece of software onto your PC, but that installation is over another tool that’s either damaged or corrupted. It’s best to think of this as like trying to re-write a dictionary that has half of its definitions mixed around – making it extremely difficult for the installer to operate correctly. Most people experience this error with the installation of Symantec & Norton products – meaning that if you want to resolve the potential problems that it has, you should look to fix the various problems that will be leading it to show.

This error shows in this format:

  • “Error 1704. An installation for

    is currently suspended.”

What Does This Error Mean?

The error is caused by your PC’s inability to install onto an existing installation. What normally happens is that Windows will typically install a piece of software into a folder by copying files, settings & options to your PC. This is okay… but the main issue is that Windows will be unable to copy into a folder where the current installation is corrupted or damaged. You really need to be able to resolve this by cleaning out the original installation – which can be done by first re-installing the application completely, as well as making sure your PC’s settings are all in working order.

How To Fix Error 1704


Yes, as simple as it sounds, restarting your system is the most beneficial way to repair the 1704 error – mainly because of the way in which this is likely caused by temporary problems. You should just click onto “Start” > “Restart” in order to get your computer working much smoother again.


The next step is to exit the setup of your system and perform a “repair” install. This repair install will basically fresh any of the corrupted or damaged settings that your PC may have, and continually allow your computer to read the files and settings which it requires to run. We’ve found that a lot of the programs out there – which will cause the 1704 error – are actually able to be repaired from their installers. You should do this to ensure the smoothest operation of your PC.


The final step is to clean out the registry of your system. This is where all Windows computers store their important settings, and is what your PC will use to help it “remember” a lot of important settings for your PC. The registry is like a hidden Yellow Pages for Windows – keeping everything from installation information to your computer’s latest files & settings. If you’re experiencing problems with the registry of your computer, it will generally show with the likes of the 1704 error. To fix this, it’s recommended you download a registry cleaner and let it fix any of the potential problems that your system may have inside this important part of your system.