Enhancing Your Motocaddy Experience

Enhancing Your Motocaddy Experience

Like ordering your new vehicle from the dealership, you know that the price you see on the sticker doesn’t include all of the potential accessories which can greatly enhance your time behind the wheel. Motocaddy accessories provide the same extra level of enjoyment when you choose from the many options that will help your round of golf from one of the leading electronic trolley brands.

Through players like yourself and those at many different handicap levels, people have continuously thought about the sorts of additions that will help improve your 18 holes, balanced with not taking an entire pro’s shop around the course with you.

Which Accessories Are Essential?

If you are not a Motocaddy electric trolley user already, the vast range of accessories may make you change your mind from your current purchase.

Start with the Motocaddy Accessory station. This gives you the opportunity to allow you to add up to 4 accessories to your Motocaddy trolley. It is from here that you’re spoilt for choice as you consider scorecard holders, drinks holders; device cradles and umbrella holders. With the accessory station you don’t have to choose between the range of accessories that you are going to choose from, because you can choose them all.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

You might not hit a golf ball too many times around the golf course, but you might be playing with partners who hack through every field, forest and rough patch. You might find the need to sit down, occasionally, as you watch them explore every inch of the course.

The Motocaddy Deluxe Seat might prove to be an excellent accessory purchase in the circumstances. It is extremely comfortable and well padded. It contains a private area to keep your valuables or you may choose to add a spare golf ball or two. The seat is spring-loaded. This makes sure that the seat automatically provides sufficient clearance from the ground when your trolley is moving.

It’s Bound To Rain on the Golf Course

With the expectation of regular rain, your day on the golf course wouldn’t be the same without your favourite umbrella, branded with either the name of your company or your favourite golfing brand. It was been a problem for golfers to find a suitable place to house your umbrella on your bag, but always maintain quick and easy access in the event of a downpour.

Motocaddy’s Umbrella Holder does just the job for you. It holds a range of different sized umbrellas with the good news that it is adjustable to hold your umbrella at many different angles to suit the wind and angle of the rain.

Your Wi-Fi Connection On The Golf Course

It would appear that every other golfer needs to maintain a connection to their office or specific information relating to the hole that you are playing. So many golfers now rely upon GPS or other golf hole information to give you the exact distance and wind speed for your seven iron shot to the green. You no longer even have to guess which club to use, based upon the weather and your experience.

The Motocaddy USB Adaptors are ideally suited as an accessory because they provide a charging port for any of your Apple ad-ons and both mini and micro USB port computers, phones or cameras.

The particular curly cable design helps stop the cable from getting in the way. It also means you can keep your accessories fully charged so you can video your fellow players chipping in from the bunker at the 18th and be able to prove the whole experience at the 19th.