Antivirus Software – Which One Is Right for You

Antivirus Software – Which One Is Right for You

It is a fact that computers or mobile devices such as smart phones which are always connected to the internet should always be protected and safeguarded from viruses. It is a necessity to have an antivirus software that will do such to ensure that your files and information are well protected and safe from malwares and new computer threats that are capable of hacking your system and leaking your important information. There are a lot of antivirus software that are available on the market. However, there is a need to choose one which would best suit you and your computer’s needs and requirements. Just recently, Eset’s NOD32 have been given the top spot among the best antivirus software programs.

The following are some of the minimum requirements that people need from their antivirus programs:

  1. People tend to prefer to use free antivirus software programs which are capable of giving maximum protection.
  2. People want to remain loyal with the antivirus they have tried and tested, thus the need for the software to keep up with the latest developments, as well as threats.
  3. People want an antivirus program that can defend their computers from all types of risks and threats.
  4. People want an antivirus program that is user friendly but does its job efficiently and effectively.

Most antivirus programs processes are most of the time focused on its scanning performance and its accuracy to detect threats. However, they forget to put more emphasis on the ease of usability of the program, the interaction of the different applications and how they will function more effectively with the different operating systems. Most companies also overlook the need to create a user friendly interface, easy configuration and simple, plain, straight to the point error messages.

You could always count the people who would immediately buy full versions of antivirus software to have their computers and systems protected. However, a larger number of people opt to choose free antivirus software despite its limited features. They say that it is better than to not have any protection at all. Thus, the performance of the free antivirus programs solely relies on their limited features. But in today’s technology, this changed as well. A lot of antivirus companies offer free trial versions of their programs with more enhanced features. They do this to convince consumers of their quality products.

One best example of a company is AVG, developed by Grisoft. This company is one of the most sought after free antivirus program. AVG’s free download antivirus program offers most of the features found in the full versions, which is why this program is recommended for users and is highly regarded for its efficiency.

Other notable free download antivirus programs are the Avast! 4 Home Edition, AntiVir Personal Edition and BitDefender Free Edition V7. Moreover, McAfee Internet Security, Norton Internet Security, ZoneAlarm Security Suite and PC-cillin Internet Security are among those leading suites. All these programs include spam filters and spyware remover which effectively protect systems.

Keep in mind that not all antivirus programs are created the same. Some may have larger files than others that may result to your system’s slow start up. It is important to try and test the trial versions of these programs to see which program works well with your computer.