4 Tips For Searching On Google

4 Tips For Searching On Google

Google and other Search Engines have become a part of our lives. Every time we want to search information for what we need, Google is usually the first solution because it is fast and effective. Only with a few keywords the result pages appear in less than a second. Most of Internet users only know the basics of searching on Google; they simply change the keywords until they find the relevant results. Generally, it is effective but there are still some tips that quite few people know. This article is to show 4 tips which help you customize and search better on Google.

1. Searching a webpage:

Currently most of the websites are integrated with Search Engines to help the users find conveniently the desired content. However, a number of these websites’ Search Engines are not giving notification effectively with such things as “There is no result for… ” or irrelevant results. Thus, instead of using Search Engines within the site and getting frustrated, you can ask for Google’s help by typing your keywords into Google search box followed by ‘at + name of the website”.

Syntax: Keyword + at + Website’s name

2. Searching the definitions:

The search for definitions of a specialized word is also what users often apply to Google. Previously, to do this, you had to type in Google search box “What is + Keyword” so that Google could offer the full definitions exactly.

But nowadays Google has become more powerful and multipurpose. You just need to type in the search box your specialized words, Google will be able to understand what you need and provide you with germane results.

3. Searching for the exact range:

There is a Google search operator called AROUND(n), (n stands for number) that is rather strange and probably very few people know when using Google. When applying this search operator, Google will return to the users the results that are limited with two primary keywords and ‘n’ the numbers of limited words. For example, when you type in the Google search box “Thailand AROUND(5) Cambodia”, the system will display all websites containing the two keywords at both sides with proximity of 5 words.

Syntax: Keyword 1 + AROUND(n) + Keyword 2 (Where n = number of words)
Note: when using this operator, you need to put in upper case the word “AROUND”.

4. Searching synonyms:

This is also considered as a useful searching tip with Google to help you save your time when you don’t have to use multiple keywords. Google will automatically search the results with similar keywords, so you will find more results yet only need to type the keyword once by adding the “~” operator in front of the keyword.

For instance, if you want to search for a cheap laptop, you might type in the Google search box “~cheap laptop”, Google will return to you the keywords that are synonyms with “cheap” such as affordable, discount or low-cost.

Syntax: ~Keyword.